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Middy Baggin Machine Keepnet Combo

Middy Baggin Machine Keepnet Combo No2

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Middy Baggin Machine Keepnet Combo No2


MIDDY Baggin' Machine Keepnet Combo No.2 This money-saving combo includes a Baggin' Machine Carp-Sack 20x16x10 keepnet, as well as a Baggin' Machine Silverfish 20x16x10 keepnet and a double stink bag from the Xtreme luggage range. MIDDY Baggin' Machine Carp-Sack 20"x16"x10' Fast-Dry Keepnet Made using tight knit fast-dry mono material, creating a safe-haven for carp, the fishery-approved Baggin' Machine Carp-Sack keepnets have a Six-Plus adjustment angle lock and a thick 10mm polymer bottom ring with stake out D-rings. The thick bottom ring adds strength and weight to the base. These nets are seven-stitched with anti-rot thread for durability and available in 9ft, 10ft and 12ft depths; as well as Silverfish models. MIDDY Baggin' Machine Silverfish 20"x16"x10' Fast-Dry Mono Keepnet These more traditional mono Baggin' Machine Silverfish keepnets are ideal for all general coarse fishing requirements including rivers, ponds and canals. They have a Six-Plus adjust angle lock fitting with a rod rest divot top ring and stake out D-rings. The mono material will shake-dry virtually instantly. With anti-rot seven-stitching, these fishery-approved keepnets will last and last. Use as a silverfish-only net option on commercials where they insist on keeping carp separate from silverfish. Available to buy in a compact 16"x14"x9' size, or more regular 20"x16"x10' size, as well as Carp-Sack models. MIDDY Xtreme Stink Bag Combo/Double Xtreme luggage is hardwearing, totally practical and incorporates many new innovative features. Designed as a fully modular system by Middy's team of match consultants, with endorsement from Match This winner Chris Cameron, Xtreme luggage configures together perfectly while also being just as practical as separate items, to suit personal preferences. Every item in the range has been designed for a specific purpose, without any unnecessary complications. The Xtreme series includes two stink bags. The Water-Skin stink bag will fit perfectly into the smaller compartment of the Xtreme Mega Carryall and it is a totally waterproof PU nylon material with a double skin. It can be retrieved from either Xtreme carryall with ease via the sturdy ergonomic carry handle and it has ample room for two keepnets along with a smaller match landing net like the F1-50. Both models have free-flow zips and the standard Double model is at a fantastic price; protecting from smells, it will also fit into either Xtreme carryall in neat modular format.

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